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compensation plan & REwards

FxBuildup is the only company that conbines two bigger industries: thus Forex & Affiliate Marketing. We give you the most lucurative compensation plan in industry thus the "Even up system" where you break even with the active person you referral. With 100% payout commission, given you unlimited income up to as much as you refer.

Here is how it works:


Our proprietary Even up system is Better than any other matrix, straight line, 2up, 3 up, 4 up or any up system. While a 2 up, 4 up or 5-6up system is limited at  2 or 4 or 5-6  number of referrals you can receive from each member in your downline/powerline, our Even up system is passing to you ALL the even referrals from   ALL your downline, down to infinity.


You pass up all EVEN referrals. You keep all your UNEVEN (Odd) referrals.

The #2, #4, #6, #8 .... will be passed up to your upline. You will keep the #1, #3 , #5, #7 .... ALL the Uneven (Odd) referrals. We call them also, fixed referrals.

You will be paid $20 commission residual income, for each Uneven(fixed) upgraded referral you will introduce to the program.

This happen with one fixed referral(uneven)


You keeping all the Uneven (odd) referrals refered by you, they are fixed referrals to you. Each fixed referral will start a NEW line for YOU. Working with this compensation play, all your fixed referrals will pass to you, all their Even referrals. Thus numbers 2,4,6,8, infinity of the referrals.

Every  Even referral passed to you will also pass to you all his Even referrals, numbers 2,4,6,8, infinity. Starting with your fixed referrals and growing with ALL the Even(Odd)  referrals passed to you, they all will build your downline  (also called powerline, no   matter how   we  call it,  is YOUR LINE).


The number of your lines is UNLIMITED. You will have as many fixed referrals as you have as many downlines you will have. Each line will keep growing down to infinity because: every #2, #4, #6, #8 .... referral of ALL the people in your downline will be passed up to YOU and  we will pay you $20 residual income for each upgraded member in your downline.


This is not a MLM as is you know it by MLM definition, it is not a matrix, binary or pyramid. Nothing like that. Our compensation plan is a well developed, strategic plan to create oppurtunity for members to earn affiliate commission.

Rewards & Promotions

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Been an affiliate with FxBuildup is so great. Aside been educated on Forex and earning income from referrals, there are numerous promotions and rewards that are been given for referrals, with the ongoing one been the "10zWatch promo".


When a sponsor refers 10 downlines (referrals), he/she is been given a MVMT type of wrist watch. Where the watch will be shiped to the sponsor's shipping address that he/she provides to FxBuildup after contacting our super responds support.